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RPG-2 antitank grenade launcher (USSR)

RPG-2 antitank grenade launcher with grenade; note that stabiliztator finson grenade are unfolded as after the launch.
RPG-2 antitank grenade launcher with  grenade; note that stabiliztator finson grenade are unfolded as after the launch.


Caliber: 40 mm barrel; 82mm warhead
Type: recoilless
Overall length: 650 mm
Weight: 2.83 kg empty; 4.67 kg loaded with grenade
Effective range: 100-150 meters
Armour penetration: 200 mm


RPG-2 antitank grenade launcher has been adopted by Soviet Army in 1949. During 1960s it has been gradually replaced in USSR by the much more effective RPG-7, and later widely exported to pro-soviet countries. RPG-2 saw a lot of combat in Vietnam and mid-east. It also has been produced under the license in several countries.

The only type of grenade used in RPG-2 was the PG-2 HEAT, with recoilless-type launch. A propellant charge, made of black powder, has been loaded into cardboard case, which was attached to the grenade before loading. The grenade with attached propellant was inserted into the smooth-bored barrel from the front. To fire it, shooter had to cock the external hammer with its thumb, aim the launcher using the open sight, and fire it by pulling the trigger. Upon the launch, grenade unfolded six stabiliztator fins. The effective range was about 150 meters, estimated penetration was about 200mm RHA. While the RPG-2 can be manned and fired by one man, the standard crew is two men – the grenadier, who carries the launcher with three grenades in special backpack, and his assistant, who is armed with assault rifle and carries three more grenades.