Revolver carbine MTs-569 and MTs-570 (Russia)

The 12.7mm revolver carbine MTs-569 and its 9x39mm variant MTs-570 are products of the Russian TSKIB SOO (Central Design Bureau for Sporting and Hunting Arms), located in the city of Tula. Those carbines are intended for civilian use, primarily hunting, and are based on the 12.7mm RSh-12 and 9mm RSh-9 assault revolvers, respectively. Originally introduced in 2020, by late 2021 those carbines are still in final stages of development, and there’s no firm information on their future availability and pricing.


Revolver carbine MTs-569 and MTs-570

12.7mm MTs-569 carbine (top) and 9mm MTs-570 carbine (bottom). Note appropriate quick-loaders with ammunition shown next to guns


The 12.7mm MTs-569 carbine is a big-bore, big and medium game gun, intended primarily for short range hunting. It fires powerful 12.7x55mm STs-174 ammunition, based on the cartridges designed for the ASh-12 assault rifle. STs-174 cartridges have a straight-walled, rimless brass case, and are shown loaded with turned brass bullets. Exact specifics of their ballistics are not known but it is believed that muzzle energy of its .50-caliber bullets is in the 3,000 Joules range. The MTs-570 carbine is mechanically and externally similar to MTs-569, but it is designed to fire noticeably less powerful 9x39mm ammunition, based on the SP-6 round intended for the VSS Vintorez sniper rifle. Civilian 9x39mm ammunition is available in hunting versions with 15-gram bullets travelling at subsonic velocities.
To counter heavy recoil of massive 12.7mm / .50 caliber ammunition, the MTs-569 carbine has an interesting and unusual design. First, it fires from the bottom (6-o’clock) chamber, to reduce barrel climb. Second, it features short-recoil action, in which the barrel and upper frame with cylinder are allowed to recoil against the grip frame. However, unlike other recoil-operated revolvers such as Webley-Fosbery or Mateba, this recoil action is used only to compress internal hammer spring; cylinder rotation is effected only through manual cocking of the hammer, either when pulling it by the thumb for a ‘single-action’ shot, or via a trigger pull in a ‘double-action’ shot. As such, hammer has two springsб one compressed manually and another compressed automatically by recoil. This setup helps to maintain relatively light DA trigger pull for rapid follow-up shots. Manual safety is provided on both sides of the grip frame, so carbine can be carried ‘cocked and locked’ when required.


MTs-570 9mm revolver carbine

9mm MTs-570 carbine


Cylinder capacity is five rounds for 12.7mm MTs-569 carbine and six rounds for 9mm MTs-570. For reloading, cylinder swings out as in most traditional revolvers, and fired cases are ejected simultaneously by pressing on the ejector rod. Fresh rounds can be loaded one by one, or using specially developed quick-loaders, available in both calibers. Special measures are taken to ensure tight fit between the cylinder and barrel during the discharge. To further mitigate recoil, barrel of the carbine is fitted with a muzzle brake / compensator.


MTs-570 9mm revolver carbine

9mm MTs-570 carbine, with cylinder open for reloading


Standard sights are of fixed type. Picatinny rails are provided above and below the barrel for installation of sighting aids (i.e. Red Dot, Optical sight or Laser sights) and other accessories. A shoulder stock of skeletonized design, made of metal, is permanently attached to the grip frame. Stock features an adjustable cheek rest, and, for the 12.7mm MTs-569 version, a recoil-dampening spring-buffered buttplate.