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Leader Dynamics T2, AAA Leader SAR

semi-automatic rifle Leader Dynamics T2

semi-automatic rifle Leader Dynamics T2


Specification Value
Full text name Leader Dynamics T2, AAA Leader SAR
Caliber cartridge 5.56x45 NATO, .223 Remington
Action type semi-automatic
Trigger type sa
Overall length, mm 965
Barrel length, mm 410
Weight empty, kg 3.4
Magazine capacity, rounds 30

Leader Dynamics T2 Mk5 rifle, also known as Australian Automatic Arms Leader SAR was originally developed by Australian small arms designer Charles St. George in an attempt to enter Australian Army trials for new 5.56mm rifle, intended to replace older 7,62mm L1A1 service rifles. Design of the rifle was broadly based on Armalite Ar-18, but with certain modifications and indigenous design features intended to further simplify manufacture and make the rifle as inexpensive as possible, while maintaining necessary reliability and combat performance. For various reasons it lost Australian army trials to Steyr AUG rifle, and was later manufactured for civilian use in semi-automatic only form, first as Leader Dynamics T2 (between circa 1978 and 1982) and later as Australian Automatic Arms Leader SAR (rifle), SAC (short-barreled carbine) and SAP (“pistol”, with short barrel and no butt), until about 1996.


Leader SAR rifle is gas operated, semi-automatic weapon. It uses short-stroke gas piston, located above the barrel, and employs rotary bolt locking, with indigenous triangular-shaped bolt face, which forms three radial locking lugs. Bolt carrier is of generally rectangular shape and rides on dual guide rods, which also host captive dual return spring setup. During field stripping procedure bolt group along with guide rods, returns springs and backplate is removed from the rifle as a single unit. Upper receiver is made from commercially available steel tubing of rectangular cross-section; lower receiver is made from stamped and formed sheet steel. Receiver halves are hinged at the front using removable cross-pin. Charging handle is located on the left side of the forend, and does not move when gun is fired. Rifle is equipped with adjustable iron sights and non-removable carrying handle (not present on AAA-made rifles), which has see-through openings for sighting. Furniture (pistol grip, forend and shoulder stock) was usually made from plastic. All Leader Dynamics T2, AAA Leader SAR / SAC semi-automatic rifles and carbines were compatible with M16/Ar15-type box magazines.