K&M M17S-556

K&M M17S-556 semi-automatic bullpup rifle
photo: Oleg Volk


K&M M17S-556 semi-automatic bullpup rifle
photo: Oleg Volk




5.56×45 / .223 Rem

Length, overall

667 mm/ 26.25”


3.36 kg / 7.4 lbs empty

Barrel length

445 mm / 17.5”

Magazine capacity, rounds



The M17S556 rifle is manufactured in USA by K&M Arms. It was designed by Ken McAllister, based on his experiences of modifying and customizing old Bushmaster M17S rifles, which are long out of production. K&M M17S rifles are based on the same original design of the Armstech / Edenpine M17 assault rifle, developed in Australia during early 1980s, and later licensed to Bushmaster firearms of USA. (manufactured as Bushmaster M17S) Production M17S556 rifles by K&M Arms provide numerous improvements over its predecessors. Currently available only in 5.56mm / .223 caliber, similar weapons also are planned in .300 AAC Blackout / .300 Whisper (M17S300) and 6.5 Grendel (M17S65G). An enlarged version of the same weapon, but chambered for the more powerful 7.62×51 / .308 ammunition (M17S762) is currently in the prototype stage.

K&M M17S-556 semi-automatic bullpup rifle is a versatile gun, which can be used for hunting, sport and practice shooting and home defense. It is compact and handy, with good balance and smooth, lightweight adjustable trigger, which is not typical for most bullpup weapons.


K&M M17S-556 semi-automatic bullpup rifle is a gas operated weapon. It uses a short stroke gas piston, located above the barrel, and AR-18-style bolt carrier with three-lug rotating bolt. Charging handle is of non-reciprocating type, and can be installed on either side of the gun, leaving top of the receiver unobstructed for installation of a raised Picatinny rail. Both upper and lower receiver are made from aluminum alloy and connected by cross pins. Manual safety is provided by a cross-bolt button, located above the trigger. Rifle utilizes many AR-15 compatible parts, including hammer unit and pistol grip. Magazine housing behind the pistol grip accepts M16 / AR-15 type magazines and has ambidextrous magazine release buttons. Ejection port is located on the right side of the receiver, and due to its position shooting from the left shoulder might be unsafe for the shooter. Sighting equipment is installed according to end-user preferences, using raised Picatinny rail above the receiver. Additional accessory rail is provided below the barrel shroud; optional side rails can be installed by the user, if desired.