JR carbine




9×19, .40SW, .45ACP

Length, overall

768…850 mm / 30,25”… 33,5”


3,1 kg / 6,8 lbs empty

Barrel length

413 mm / 16,25”

Magazine capacity, rounds

10, 12, 15, 17, 33


Just Right (JR) semi-automatic carbines are manufactured in USA and sold by EMF Company since 2011. These little guns are intended for civilian use as home-defense and practice / plinking weapons, although these carbines also can be useful for certain police and security situations, especially where people are primarily armed with pistols. The JR semi-automatic carbines are built to be ambidextrous and modular, providing easy conversion from left-hand to right-hand use and back, as well as simple adaptation to various types of pistol caliber magazines, depending on the user preferences. At the moment JR carbines are offered in three calibers (9mm Luger, .40SW and .45ACP) and with magazine housings adapted to Glock magazines in respective calibers, but in the future additional magazine housings will be made available to adapt carbines to different types of magazines (i.e. Beretta or Springfield XD).


Just Right (JR) semi-automatic carbine is a simple, blowback operated weapon which fires from closed bolt. It uses aluminum alloy upper receiver with ejection ports and charging handle slots machined at both sides, and the gun can be adapted to eject to either side by disassembling it, and installing the ejector and ejection port cover (for unused ejection port) as required. The lower receiver is also machined from aluminum alloy, and features removable (modular) magazine housing in front of the trigger guard. The trigger unit and manual safety are built using widely available AR-15 type components, and thus could be easily customized with aftermarket parts. Shoulder stock is also of more or less standard AR-15 / M4 carbine type. In its basic configuration Just Right (JR) semi-automatic carbine is equipped with integral Picatinny rail at the top of the receiver, and with quad-rail forend. Choice of sighting equipment (iron sights or red-dot) is left up to the end user.