Taurus CT G2




9×19, .40SW, .45ACP

Length, overall

800 mm / 31,5”


3,8 – 4,2 kg empty

Barrel length

406 mm / 16”

Magazine capacity, rounds



Taurus CT G2 semi-automatic carbine is designed for civilian and security use. This line of weapons, which includes three basic versions in three most popular pistol calibers (9mm Luger, .40SW and .45ACP) is based on the new Taurus MT G2 line of submachine guns, with several features changed to better suit firearms laws, especially US ones.


Taurus CT G2 semi-automatic carbine is built using simple blowback action and fires from closed bolt. Upper receiver is an extruded aluminum unit, while lower receiver is made from polymer with steel reinforcements where necessary. Weapon is fitted with ambidextrous safety levers. Bolt catch is provided to hold the bolt open once the magazine is empty. Feed is from proprietary double stack box magazines, holding 10 rounds of ammunition in every caliber. Furniture includes 'thumb-hole' type shoulder stock which is integral with the pistol grip and is made from polymer. Top of upper receiver is provided with integral Picatinny rail, and CT G2 carbines could be fitted with adjustable iron sights. Additional mounting points for more Picatinny rails are provided on the sides and on the bottom of the polymer forend.