Chiappa M1-9

Самозарядный карабин Chiappa M1-9




Length, overall

890 mm


2.7 kg empty

Barrel length

457 mm

Magazine capacity, rounds

10 or 15


Chiappa M1-9 semi-automatic carbine is produced in Italyby Chiappa Firearms. This weapon is intended primary for civilian use, as a sport weapon for LVR (Low Velocity Rifle) competition shooting, as well as for training, plinking and home defense. Chiappa M1-9 is closely patterned after the famous US M1 carbine of WW2 and Korean War fame, but is adapted to less powerful and more affordable and widely available 9x19mm pistol ammunition. Because of this, M1-9 features simplified action and has little recoil. Chiappa also makes an M1-22 version of the same gun, which is chambered for .22LR ammunition and is suitable for training or plinking.


Chiappa M1-9 semi-automatic carbine is built using simple blowback action with most of the bolt weight being located below the barrel, inside the stock. It fires from closed bolt. Safety lever is located at the front of the trigger guard. Feed is from detachable handgun magazines, compatible with famous Beretta 92FS pistols. Rifle-type stock is made either from wood or from plastic. Adjustable rear sight is of aperture type, and can be removed to expose dovetails that can be used to mount a telescope or red dot sight.