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Ruger PC-4 & PC-9

 Ruger PC-9 carbine,right side. Note pistol magazine protruding below from the stock.
 Ruger PC-9 carbine,right side. Note pistol magazine protruding below from the stock.


 Ruger PC-9 carbine, left side.
 Ruger PC-9 carbine, left side.


Type / action semi-automatic, blowback operated carbine
Caliber(s) 9×19 Luger/Parabellum and .40SW
Weightunloaded 2,9 kg / 6,4 lbs
Length 873 mm / 34,4"
Barrel length 413 mm / 16,3"
Magazinecapacity 10 (.40) or 15 (9mm) rounds


American company Sturm, Ruger & Co introduced its line of pistol-caliber carbines in 1996. These handy guns were based on highly successful Ruger 10/22small-bore carbine design, appropriately strengthened to take more powerful centerfire pistol ammunition using Ruger's P-series pistol magazines. Ruger PC (Pistol Carbine) weapons are available in twomajor calibers, 9mm and .40SW. As with any other gun from this company, Ruger PCcarbines are very strong and durable designs, providing good reliability forintensive every-day use.

Ruger PC4 (.40SW) and PC9 (9mm) carbines are blowback operated, semi-automatic rifles which fire from closed bolt. Receiver, barrel and all bolt and trigger group parts are made from quality stainless steel, stock is made from impact-resistant polymer. Feed is using Ruger's pistol magazines, which are inserted into the magazine housing in front of trigger guard and protrude below the gun. Ruger PC carbines are equipped with automated drop and firing pin safeties; manual safety is of cross-bolt, push button type,, and is located at the rear of the trigger guard, behind the trigger. Standard sights include protected front blade on the barrel and fully adjustable rear sight, either of open (U-notch) or diopter (aperture) type. All Ruger PC carbines also feature proprietary integral scope mounts at the top of receiver.