Vepr MA-9

Molot Vepr MA-9 semi-automatic carbine


Molot Vepr MA-9 semi-automatic carbine





Length, overall

805 mm


2.8 kg empty

Barrel length

330 mm

Magazine capacity, rounds



Vepr MA-9 semi-automatic carbine is a new product line from Russian Molot Arms factory. It entered production in 2013 and is available in several version which differ in furniture (wooden or plastic) and type of shoulder stocks (AK-style wooden stocks, AK-74S style side-folding stocks or plastic M4-style stocks). Apparently, current production Vepr MA-9 carbines are based on the remanufactured Russian Army surplus Kalashnikov AKM rifles, converted to semi-automatic only action and pistol caliber ammunition.


Vepr MA-9 semi-automatic carbine uses simple blowback action, firing from closed bolt. It features hammer-fired trigger mechanism with Kalashnikov-style manual safety, located on the right side of the receiver. Special magazine adapter is pinned to the bottom of the stamped steel receiver, which accept Glock 9mm magazines. According to Russian laws, only 10-round magazines are supplied with the carbine for domestic sales, but the gun would accept any other 9mm Glock magazine, including standard capacity 15- and 17-round magazines and extended 33-round magazines. Carbines with side-folding stocks, intended for Russian civilian market, also feature trigger block which locks firing mechanism when stock is folded, so the gun can be fired only with stock extended. Vepr MA-9 carbines retain original AKM-style rear sights with V-notch, and feature AK-103 style front sight with AK-103-style muzzle device. Depending on the version, furniture is retained from original AKM rifle (wood pistol grip, forend and stock) or is made of plastic and steel (version with AKS-74 side-folding stock).