MTs-566 precision rifle (Russia)

The MTs-566 Precision / Sniper Rifle is the latest development of the Central Bureau for Sporting and Hunting Arms (TSKIB SOO), famously located in the city of Tula. This rifle is officially certified in Russia as a hunting weapon, and will be available for sale on the civilian market in 2020. It’s based on the experimental OTs-129 semi-automatic sniper rifle model,  also produced in Tula. The MTs-566 rifle is intended to compete with several domestically available precision hunting / sporting semi-automatic rifles chambered for .308 winchester ammunition. Those include Kalashnikov MR1 rifle and the ORSIS K-15 Brat. It will also compete with more expensive foreign weapons in the same class.

As advertised, the initial version of the MTs-566 rifle will be available in only one configuration, with 60 cm / 24” barrel and chambered for .308 Win. However, due to the modular nature of other guns, various chamberings and barrel lengths might be available in the future. With proper ammunition the MTs-566 rifle is intended to deliver 1 MOA or better accuracy.


MTs-566 precision / sniper rifle

MTs-566 Precision / Sniper Rifle


The MTs-566 precision / sniper rifle is a gas operated weapon. It utilises a short stroke gas piston, located above the barrel. The gas block features a manual gas regulator with two settings. The barrel is locked using a rotating bolt with six radial lugs. The monolithic receiver is made from aluminum alloy, with a steel insert where the barrel is held by several screws. As such, the barrel can be removed from the gun for maintenance, inspection or replacement.

The magazine housing is also bolted to the receiver and can be replaced, at least theoretically, for a change of caliber. This rifle uses the striker-firing system, with a non-adjustable trigger. Safety levers are ambidextrous, and are located behind and slightly above the trigger on either side of the gun. The magazine release buttons are also ambidextrous. As offered, MTs-566 rifle uses AR-10 compatible Magpul PMAG-308 magazines, and features bolt hold-open device. Rifle is intended for use with optics, and features long Picatinny rails, integrated into the receiver. However, as a heritage of its military parent, it also features integrated iron sights on folding bases. Front sight base is attached to the gas block and folds forward. Rear sight base, with FG-42 / OTs-03 style diopter sight, folds to the rear and down, and when not in use, it is concealed in “upside down” position in a cavity inside the stock hinge. In standard configuration, MTs-566 is offered with proprietary shoulder stock, which can be folded to the right to save space. The stock hinge has an AR-15 compatible thread at the rear, so the standard stock can be replaced with almost any commercially available AR-15 style tube and stock. In its standard configuration, MTs-566 rifle is offered with so called “closed type” flash moderator, which is an empty can, which is screwed onto and over the muzzle part of the barrel. It looks like a sound suppressor (which it technically is not, at least per Russian regulations). Muzzle end of the barrel is provided with standard threads, so instead of this “can” user can mount various flash hiders, muzzle brakes and other devices of his choice.


MTs-566 precision / sniper rifle

MTs-566 precision / sniper rifle


Specification Value
Full text name MTs-566 precision rifle (Russia)
Caliber cartridge 7.62x51mm NATO / .308 Winchester
Action type semi-automatic
Trigger type sa
Overall length, mm 1190
Length, folded, mm 875
Barrel length, mm 600
Weight empty, kg 4.6
Magazine capacity, rounds 10