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TPD AXR rifle

TPD Inc. AXR rifle,left side.
TPD Inc. AXR rifle,left side.


TPD Inc. AXR rifle,right side.
TPD Inc. AXR rifle,right side.


Type / action gas operated, rotating bolt
Caliber(s) 5.56x45mm / .223 Rem, also 6.8×43 mm Rem SPC
Weightunloaded 3.2 kg
Length 667 mm / 26.25" (with 406mm / 16" barrel)
Barrel length 406 mm/ 16" or 457 mm / 18"
Magazinecapacity 30 rounds standard, any M16/Ar15 compatiblemagazine will fit


The AXR (Advanced eXtensible Rifle) weapon was developed by US-based company Tactical Product Design (TPD) Inc. The AXR is based on the famous Austrian SteyrAUG assault rifle. Manufacture of this clone became possible because original patents for  SteyrAUG have expired, and the demand for civilian version of this weapon in USA was not covered by import of original Austrian-made rifles. TPD designers created a faithful copy of Steyr AUG,so most parts are interchangeable between the AXR and AUG.Prime differences between AXR and its prototype are in materials (TPD claims to use most modern metals and polymers in its design, which are superior to those available 30 years ago in original Steyr rifle) and use of STANAG / M16 type magazines rather than proprietary magazines.Optional caliber conversion kit allows to upgrade the AXR from 5.56mm /.223 to more potent 6.8mm Rem SPC caliber. At the present time AXR is offered only in semi-automatic version, for civilian and police use.

TPDAXR rifle is gas-operated semi-automatic weapon of bullpup configuration. The receiver is made from aluminum alloy, the stock / housing is made from impact-resistant polymer. Barrels are quick-detachable, with barrel lock incorporated into the gas block /forward grip base. Adjustable gas system features short-stroke gaspiston, located to the right of the barrel. Bolt group rides on dual guide rods, and different user-replaceable multi-lug rotary bolts are available for right- or left-hand ejection. It must be noted that current polymer stocks of AXR rifle does not permit easy change of the ejection direction, as ejection port is made only on one side of the stock. AXR is equipped with bolt hold-opendevice; bolt catch can be deactivated by pulling the charging handle.The original SteyrAUG-type bolt closure device is incorporated into the design,in the form of the button on the charging handle. Normally non-reciprocating charging handle is located also on the left side, in front of the receiver; push on the button locks the handle to the bolt group, allowing to use it for manual bolt closing. AXR rifle accepts any M16 / Ar15-type magazines; magazine release buttons are located below the stock, behind the magazine housing, and on the left side of the stock, above the magazine. Manual safety is of cross-boltbutton style, located above the pistol grip. No sights are installed by default on AXR rifle; instated, each rifle is equipped with Picatinny-type rail on the top of receiver, which permits installation of any type of sighting equipment using appropriate mountings.