Kel-tec SUB 2000

Kel-tec SUB2000 carbine, top in ready to fire position, bottom in folded (storage / transportation) position.
Kel-tec SUB2000 carbine, top in ready to fire position, bottom in folded (storage / transportation) position.
Image: Kel-tec


Type / action semi-automatic carbine
Caliber(s)  9×19 Luger / Parabellum or .40S&W
Weightunloaded 1,8 kg / 4,0 lbs
Length 749 mm / 29,5" ready to use
406 mm / 16" folded
Barrel length 408 mm / 16,1"
Magazinecapacity 10 – 17+ rounds, depending on grip version


Kel-tec SUB 2000 carbine was designed in around 2000 by George Kellgren, chief designer and president of Kel-Tec CNC Inductries Inc, USA. This handy carbine was based on earlier Kel-tec design, known as SUB9 carbine. Kel-tec SUB9 appeared in around 1997 but turned out to be somewhat expensive to manufacture, so it was completely redesigned to become SUB2000, which is currently in production. Kel-tec SUB2000 carbine is a compact and simple weapon, which can provide accurate semi-automatic fire out to 100-150 meters, using any standard pistol ammunition in respective caliber. With minimal recoil and simple operation, as well as affordable price, it can be used for firearms training,plinking, and home defense. To add to these features, Kel-tec SUB2000 has some more to recommend it. First, it can be easily folded into a small package about 476mm/180mm (16"x7") in size, so it can be carried and stored in a briefcase, backpack or car trunk. When folded, it can be locked with integral lock, providing for safe storage and access control. Once unlocked, it can be rapidly unfolded and brought into action. Another useful feature is that Kel-tec SUB2000 carbine is designed to use widely available pistol magazines, and can be had in several versions, which will accept Glock 17, Glock 19, SIG-Sauer P226, Beretta 92 or S&W 59 / 659 / 5906 magazines in 9mm caliber or Glock 22, S&W 4006Beretta 96SIG-Sauer P226 in .40SW. If you own one of these pistols, it is reasonable to buy a Kel-tec SUB2000 carbine that will use compatible magazines, for obvious purposes.

Kel-tecSUB 2000 carbine is blowback operated, semi-automatic carbine which fires pistol ammunition. It fires from closed bolt and has a separate hammer, which operates the firing pin once trigger is pressed. Receiver of Kel-tec SUB 2000 carbine is made from Zytel polymer. Barrel is hinged to the receiver at the base of the rear sight, and can be pivoted up and backwards for compact storage. In working position barrel is held in line with the action by the positive lock, which is controlled by the pivoting trigger guard. To disengage the barrel and fold it, you must first clear the gun (unload magazine and check that chamber is empty), then pull the trigger guard down and fold the barrel up. It then can be locked by the integral lock, located at the top edge of the buttstock. Gun controls include cocking handle, that is located below the stock tube, the conventional single action trigger,cross-bolt push-button type safety, and a magazine release. Magazines are loaded into the pistol grip, and it is possible to use extended magazines compatible with any particular version, i.e. 17-round Glock17 or 33-round Glock 18 magazines in Kel-tec SUB 2000 carbine with"Glock 19" grip. There is no automatic bolt catch feature in SUB 2000,but bolt can be manually locked back by pulling the cocking handle all the way back and then turning it to the left. Standard sights include diopter-type non-adjustable rear sight and fully adjustable front sight. Front sight is installed in well-protected base on the barrel,and the rear sight folds and unfolds automatically if entire gun isfolded or unfolded. As issued, Kel-tec SUB 2000 carbine is zeroed for 100 yards (91 meters) range but actual point of impact may vary with various types of ammunition.