Cobra semi-automatic carbine


Cobra semi-automatic carbine





Length, overall

420 / 620 mm


2.5 kg empty

Barrel length

250 mm

Magazine capacity, rounds



Cobra semi-automatic carbine was manufactured in Rhodesia(now Zimbabwe) during the civil war of 1970s, as a personal defense weapon for civilians. It was relatively inexpensive and easy to use, due to low recoil, and it was produced and sold in significant numbers.


Cobra semi-automatic carbine uses simple blowback action, firing from closed bolt. It features hammer-fired trigger mechanism with cross-bolt manual safety, located behind the trigger. Receiver and grip / trigger unit frame are made from steel stampings, grip itself is made from plastic. Cobra carbine features fixed iron sights, top-folding shoulder stock and a short forend below the shrouded barrel. It uses double stack, double feed box magazines compatible with Israeli Uzi submachine guns.