KSO-9 Krechet

KSO-9 Krechet semi-automatic carbine


KSO-9 Krechet semi-automatic carbine





Length, overall

830 mm


4.3 kg empty

Barrel length

360 mm

Magazine capacity, rounds



KSO-9 “Krechet” (Кречет, merlin bird) semi-automatic carbine is a relatively new weapon, developed by Russian Zlatoust Machine-building plant ZMZ. It is intended for civilian sales as a sporting, plinking and home defense weapon, and is planned to enter mass production in 2014. KSO-9 carbine is based on the PP-91 Kedr submachine gun, which is manufactured by ZMZ for Russian law enforcement. Compared to other 9×19 carbines (either recently introduced Russian ones or earlier foreign models), the KSO-9 is excessively heavy and slightly “over-customized” in its current basic configuration, although it could be changed in production.


KSO-9 “Krechet” is a simple blowback operated semi-automatic weapon which fires from closed bolt. It has hammer-fired trigger unit with manual safety which is located on the right side of the stamped steel receiver. Feed is from detachable double stack, double feed box magazines made from steel, with 10-round capacity (larger magazines could be produced for export). In its current pre-production version Krechet carbine is fitted with Ar-15 carbine type stock and furniture. It has Picatinny type rails above the receiver top cover and on the front sight base, which can host a variety of removable iron (or plastic) sights, and / or a collimating / red dot sight.