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Heckler-Koch HK USC

Heckler-Koch HK USC carbine,left side.
 Heckler-Koch HK USC carbine,left side.


 Heckler-Koch HK USC carbine, right side.
 Heckler-Koch HK USC carbine, right side.


Type / action semi-automatic, blowback operated carbine
Caliber(s) .45 ACP
Weightunloaded 2,7 kg / 5,9 lbs
Length 900 mm / 35,4"
Barrel length 406 mm / 16"
Magazinecapacity 10 rounds


Heckler-Koch HK USC carbine is a civilian adaptation of HKUMP-45 submachine gun, developed by famous German company Heckler und KochGmbH. USC stands for Universal Self-loading Carbine. HK USC was designed mostly for American civilian market, and thus it fires very popular"man-stopping" .45 ACP ammunition. Indeed, HK USC is best suited for self- and home defense, as well as training and recreational shooting. The main issue with this reliable weapon of high quality is that it is quite expensive for such a simple design.

HK USC carbine is semi-automatic weapon which uses simple blowback action and fires from closed bolt. Receiver and stock are made from impact-resistant polymer. Gun is fitted with magazine hold-open device, which can be manually disengaged through the button on the left side of receiver, just behind magazine housing. Additionally, bolt can be manually locked back for inspection or maintenance by its cocking handle, which is located on the left side of the gun,above the forend. Manual safety is ambidextrous and located above the pistol grip. Housing for polymer magazines of proprietary design is located in front oftrigger guard. Standard sights include open-type front and rear. Additional scope rail (Picatinny type) can be installed on the top of receiver, and three more accessory rails can be installed on forend at 3-, 6- and 9-o'clock positions.