Rifle puska 43M, G.98/40 / Gew.98/40 (Hungary, Germany)

G98/40 or 43M rifle.
G98/40 or 43M rifle.

 G98/40 or 43M rifle, close-up view to receiver.
G98/40 or 43M rifle, close-up view to receiver.

Specification Value
Full text name Rifle puska 43M, G.98/40 / Gew.98/40 (Hungary, Germany)
Caliber cartridge 8mm Mauser 7.9x57mm / 7.92mm Mauser
Action type manual
Trigger type sa
Overall length, mm 1092
Barrel length, mm 605
Weight empty, kg 3.91
Magazine capacity, rounds 5

The Gew.98/40 rifle, also known as Puska 1943. Minta (Rifle, model of 1943, or 43M in short) was developed at Hungarian FEG arms factory in around 1941 under German contract. It was intended for German troops, as weel as for Hungarian troops that were serving along with German troops on Soviet front. In German service, this rifle was known as Infanterie Gewehr 98/40 or Gew.98/40 or G.98/40 in short. It was also adopted by Hungarian army in 1943, as rifle 43M, with minor cosmetic changes from German-contract rifles. Despite having significant external similarities to German Mauser K.98K rifle, the G.98/40 is not a ‘Mauser’ design, but an amalgam of the Mannlicher-type action (based on Hungarian 35M rifle) and Mauser-type integral box magazine. This rifle was produced by FEG between 1941 and 1945, with total production of German-contract G.98/40 rifles estimated at around 140 000; plus, some 90 thousands of 43M rifles were produced for Hungarian army.

The 43M / Gew.98/40 rifle is a manually operated rotary bolt action weapon. It uses Mannlicher-type rotating bolt with dual locking lugs, located at the front of the bolt body, and detachable bolt head which hosts extractor and ejector. The receiver has a split rear bridge. Feed is from integral Mauser-type box magazine, holding five cartridges in a two rows. Magazines are loaded using Mauser-type stripper clips. Manual safety is provided at the rear of the bolt body, just above the exposed cocking piece. Rifle was fitted with blade front sight and tangent type rear sight marked from 100 to 2000 meters range. Wooden stock is made of two separate parts – buttstock with semi-pistol grip and a forend. A carrying sling and a Mauser Kar.98K-type knife bayonet were provided as standard accessories.