9×23 Largo, 9mm Bergmann-Bayard

This cartridge was developed in Germany in around 1903 for military type semi-automatic pistols, by the Theodor Bergmann Company. These pistols were later produced in Belgium by Pieper under Bergmann’s licence, and adopted by Spain and Denmark, hence the original Bergmann-Bayard name (“Bayard” was the trademark of the Pieper Company). This cartridge saw extensive use in Spain, being the standard pistol and sub-machine gun ammunition of the Spanish military and police between the start of the century and late eighties, hence the other common name, the 9mm Largo (or “9mm Big” when translated from Spanish, to distinguish it from other 9mm cartridges). Some of the Spanish ammunition may also be found labeled ‘9mm Camp Giro’ after another pistol design, but it is the same cartridge.

The 9×23 Largo has a straight, rimless case usually made of brass. The standard loading has a full metal jacket (ball) bullet.



Bullet weight, g

Muzzle velocity, m/s

Muzzle energy, J