7.35×51 Carcano

This round was developed in Italy shortly before the WW2 in an attempt to improve lethality and extend service life of the current, existing infantry weapons, originally chambered for the 6.5×52 Carcano ammunition. The curious 7.35mm caliber was choosen simply as a maximum possible bore diamater that can be safely achieved by boring out and re-rifiling old, worn out 6.5mm barrels. The cartridge cas was based on the 6.5×52 Carcano, slightly shortened and necked out. The service life of the 7.35×51 was rather short, as due to logistic problems Italian army switched back to 6.5mm ammunition during early stages of WW2. This amunition was used in Caracano-type bolt-action rifles and several light machine guns of Italian origin. Today this round is obsolete by all means.


Designation Bullet weight, g Muzzle velocity, m/s Muzzle energy, J Comments
8.4 756 2400 with pointed FMJ bullet