7.9×33 PP Kurz (7.92 PP Kurz, 8mm PP Kurz)

Developed in 1940 by Polte company in Germany, this cartridge is usually quoted as the first practical intermediate power assault rifle cartridge, although it had significant number of predecessors (experimental military cartridges and certain medium-power commercial hunting cartridges). This cartridge was extensively used in MP.43/ MP.44 /  Stg.44 assault rifles by German army during WW2, and by the Yugoslavian paratroopers and East German police after WW2. No new military weapons to fire this ammunition were ever made since WW2. This cartridge was produced in Yugoslavia until early 1980s, and small batches of newly made cartridges still appear on the commercial markets from today’s Serbia, to satisfy collectors who still own and shoot WW2-era guns. For all practical purposes it is considered obsolete, although its historical significance cannot be underestimated.


Designation Bullet weight, g Muzzle velocity, m/s Muzzle energy, J Comments
7.9×33 PP Kurz 8.1 686 1900 military ball bullet