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Maroszek Kb Ur wz.35

Maroszek Kb Ur wz.35 anti-tank rifle.

Maroszek Kb Ur wz.35 anti-tank rifle.


Type / action manually operated bolt action
Caliber  7.92×107
Weight unloaded 9 kg
Length 1760 mm
Barrel length 1200 mm
Magazine capacity 4 rounds
Armor penetration (Range / Angle / Penetration) 100 m / 90o / 30 mm


 The Maroszek Kb Ur wz.35 anti-tank rifle was developed in Poland in mid-1930s, and kept under strict secrecy, which resulted in limited use of this weapon during the German attack on the Poland in 1939, despite the fact that this weapon was effective enough to deal with German tanks of the period. Some Maroszek Kb Ur wz.35 anti-tank rifles were captured by German army, where these were known as PzB 35(p). The peculiar name "Kb Ur" comes from the attempt of the Polish army to disguise this development as the "rifle for Uruguay". Rifle was built around proprietary, rifle-caliber round (metric designation 7.92×107), which had very long and slender case, and was loaded with conventional, lead-cored jacketed bullet  (12.8 gram, 1220 m/s). Due to the very high muzzle velocities, the barrel life of the rifle was relatively short (barrels normally had to be replaced every 300 rounds or so). Total production of the wz.35 anti-tank rifles is estimated at about 6 500 guns, which were delivered to Polish army before the German occupation. 

The Maroszek Kb Ur wz.35 anti-tank rifle is amanually operated, bolt action rifle. It uses Mauser-type rotary bolt with frontal locking lugs. Feed is from detachable box magazine which holds 4 rounds. Rifle is equipped with traditional wooden stock and folding bipod. The long barrel is fitted with effective muzzle brake. Iron sights are of fixed type, set for 300 meters range.