Remington RP-9 RP-45



Trigger type

Double action


9×19 or .45ACP

Weight empty, g


Length, mm


Barrel length, mm


Capacity, rounds

18 (9mm) or 15 (.45)


The Remington RP family of pistols is designed and manufactured by famous US small arms manufacturer, Remington, which is better known for its rifles and shotguns. First announced in 2016, the Remington RP9 and RP45 pistols are scheduled to enter production late in 2016. This is an obvoious attempt by the Remington to introduce an inexpensive full-size, polymer-frame, striker fired pistol to compete with Glock and other similar handguns that rule modern service and defensive pistol markets. Remington RP pistols are initially available in two most popular calibers, 9mm Luger and .45ACP, and only as a full-size guns. Other variations, such as ones chambered in .40 or with more compact size, might be introduced at a latter date, depending on initial sales.


Remington RP-9 pistol is a polymer frame, short recoil operated handgun that uses Browning-type cam operated locking system. Gun features removable grip backstraps of different sizes, and a striker-fired trigger. There are no manual safeties, and automated safety is built into the trigger.