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FN F2000 (Assault Rifles - Belgium)

FN F2000 assault rifle, in standard configuration, with telescope sight FN F2000 assault rifle, in “Tactical” configuration, with Picatinny rail and back-up open sights FN F2000 assault rifle, with telescope sight and 40 mm. FN EGLM grenade launcher FN F2000 assault rifle, in standard configuration, disassembled into major components FN FS2000, a semiautomatic-only version for…

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By Maxim Popenker The “new age of bullpup rifles” began in late ninety seventies, when two major European militaries officially adopted new 5.56mm assault rifles specifically designed in bullpup configuration. Those were Steyr AUG, adopted by Austrian military as Stg.77, and GIAT FAMAS, adopted by French army as FAMAS F1. The key reason for this…

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  Single shot and under-barrel grenade launchers Automatic grenade launchers Anti-tank grenade launchers Basically, the grenade launcher is a weapon which fires a grenade – a small shell, filled with high explosive or some other agent, such as tear gas for less-than-lethal application, a bright burning compound for illumination purposes, as an incendiary device etc. Of…

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Kel-tec RFB (Standart caliber rifles - U.S.A.)

Kel-tec 5,56mm SUB-16 prototype personal defense weapon of early 1990s, which served as a starting point for RFB. image: Kel-tec   Kel-tec RFB 'Target' rifle with heavy-profile 32-inch barrel, telescope sight, folding bipod and 10-round magazine. image: Kel-tec   Kel-tec RFB 'Carbine' with 18-inch barrel, 20-round magazine and red-dot sight, compared to FN FAL Para rifle….

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