G 150 (GW 150) Silenced (integrally suppressed) Sniper Rifle

G 150 (GW 150) Silenced Sniper Rifle for P-26 secret organization

10.4x33R ammunition with heavy subsonic bullets for G 150 suppressed sniper rifle


Specification Value
Full text name G 150 (GW 150) Silenced (integrally suppressed) Sniper Rifle
Caliber cartridge .41 Magnum
Action type manual
Trigger type sa
Overall length, mm 1115
Barrel length, mm 350
Weight empty, kg 5,85
Magazine capacity, rounds 3

The G 150 (GW 150) Silenced (integrally suppressed) Sniper Rifle was an indigenous and secret project carried by Swiss gunsmiths for a secretive Project-26 (P-26) organization. P-26 was a clandestine Swiss intelligence and military organization, established during the Cold War (circa 1973) to operate behind enemy lines in case of occupation of Switzerland. To conduct its planned clandestine operations, P-26 ordered some specialized weapons, such as the G 150 (or GW 150) integrally suppressed (silenced) sniper rifle. Relatively few of these rifles were allegedly produced by SIG, and stored at secret P-26 warehouses until 1990, when this organization was uncovered by Swiss politicians and subsequently disbanded.

The G 150 (GW 150) silenced sniper rifle is a manually operated, rotary bolt action weapon built on the German-made Sauer rifle action. Rifle was chambered for a .41 Remington Magnum cartridge, loaded with heavy subsonic jacketed bullets (26.5 gram at about 315 m/s). Barrel is equipped with large, integrated sound suppressor (silencer). Rifle is fitted with side-folding shoulder stock and provided with unmarked 4-6X scope made by Schmidt&Bender. Scope has a proprietary aiming reticle matched to specific ammunition and marked out to 200 meters, with stadia lines for every 25 meters of range. Ammunition was fed from detachable box magazines with 3-round capacity. Maximum effective range of this suppressed (silenced) sniper rifle was listed as 200 meters.