Ruger P95, P97

9mm Ruger P95 pistol


.45ACP Ruger P97DC pistol (with decocker lever)





Trigger type

Double action




Weight, empty

780 g

860 g


185 mm

Barrel length

99 mm


15 rounds

8 rounds



The Ruger P95 pistol was produced in several versions by American gun making company Sturm, Ruger & co between 1995 and 2013. It was designed as a lighter, polymer-framed alternative to the Ruger P93. Ruger P97 pistol was dimensionally similar to P95 but fired larger .45ACP ammunition. It was produced between 1999 and 2004, also in several minor modifications.


Ruger P95 and P97 pistols are short recoil operated, locked breech pistols that use modified Browning cam-operated locking system to control locking and unlocking movement of the barrel. Barrel locks to the slide using single large lug at the top that enters the ejection opening in the slide. Frames of all these pistols are made from impact-resistant polymer. Hammer fired trigger system features traditional double action with slide mounted safety or decocker levers, or double action only system with no levers. P95 pistols use double stack magazines holding 15 rounds of 9mm ammunition, P97 uses single-stack magazines holding 8 rounds of .45, and fixed sights.

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