B+T USW (Universal Service Weapon) pistol carbine with shoulder stock folded

B+T USW (Universal Service Weapon) pistol carbine with shoulder stock unfolded

B+T USW (Universal Service Weapon) pistol carbine with shoulder stock folded

B+T USW (Universal Service Weapon) pistol carbine with shoulder stock folded, carried in a special plastic holster also made by B+T


Trigger type

Double action or pre-cocked Striker



Weight, empty

1.16 kg


253 mm stock folded, 486 mm stock opened

Barrel length

105 mm


17, 19 or 30 rounds


The B&T USW (Universal Service Weapon) is an interesting new sidearm, designed by Swiss company B+T AG and first introduced in 2016. This handgun brings an old concept of the stocked pistol to the wole new level, making it really comfortable to carry much like a conventional pistol, fast to deploy as a hand- or shoulder-fired weapon, and much more accurate than a conventional handgun thanks to the integral shoulder stock and red-dot sight.

It is a well known fact that pistols are notoriously hard weapons to master, and usually shooter is capable of much worse accuracy than a typical modern pistol can exhibit in ideal condition. One known solution for this is to fit some sort of shoulder stock to the pistol, turning it into some sort of a carbine that is much more stable and thus easier to aim and fire accurately. However, until recently stocked pistols were usually clumsy to carry with their combination shoulder stocks/holsters (guns like Mauser C96 or Stechkin APS come to mind first), and almost always slow to deploy in “carbine” mode. The B+T USW solves this problem by providing an integral side-folding shoulder stock which folds along the gun when it is carried in special holster or fired off-hand, and can be unfolded in a second when tactical situation calls for accurate “long range” fire (any distance beyond 20-25 meters is a long range by typical pistol combat shooting). Combined with integrated Aimpoint “Nano” red dot sight this makes the USW a formidable duty gun for police, security and other law enforcement services that require compact service sidearm with practical accuracy capabilities beyond most typical  pistols on the market. It also might serve as a platform for military PDW (Personal Defense Weapon), although most military services prefer select-fire guns for this role, and the USW, at least for now, is a semi-auto only weapon.


The B+T USW is a short-recoil operated, semi-automatic handgun that uses Browning-type action with tilting barrel. The USW-A1 is based on the famous CZ-75 pistol, actually using some parts purchased from now-defunct Sphinx company. B+T USW-A1 features conventional hammer-fired DA/SA action with frame mounted ambidextrous safety, and a striker-fired, polymer-framed USW-SF  version will come in 2018. The frame of USW-A1 is made from aluminum alloy, and features unusual rear extension that wraps around the rear part of the slide, providing stable platform for integrated red dot sight and protecting shooter’s palm from any sort of hammer or slide-bite. The rear of extended frame contains a hinge for the shoulder stock that folds forward and to the right when not required. Accessory MIL-STD rail is provided on the frame in front of the trigger guard which can be used to install flashlights and / or laser pointers. Barrel is threaded from the factory and can accept quick-detach sound suppressors also made by B+T. A special duty holster, made from polymer, is designed by B+T to comfortably carry both USW versions with stock folded and red-dot sight protected from external damage, yet ready to deploy in a critical situation.