New Nambu M60

Револьвер New Nambu M60 со стволом длиной 2 дюйма


Револьвер New Nambu M60со стволом длиной 3 дюйма


Trigger type

Double action


.38 Special

Weight empty, g


Length, mm

198 (with 77mm barrel)

Barrel length, mm

51 or 77 (2” or 3”)

Capacity, rounds




New Nambu Model 60 revolver was designed between 1957 and 1959 as a replacement for aging US-made Colt and Smith&Wesson revolvers then in use by Japanese police and security forces. It entered mass production in 1960 at Shin Chuo Kogyo company, and was manufactured until mid-1990s. Even today New Nambu M60 revolvers can be encountered in the hands of some Japanese police and security officers.


New Nambu Model 60 revolver is based on the Smith & Wesson model 37 “Chief’s Special” revolver, but features slightly larger frame and cylinder. It has similar double-action lockwork with external hammer, and similar reloading procedures with swing-out cylinder that holds five rounds of ammunition. Gun is of all-steel design, with characteristic brown plastic grip panels and a lanyard ring at the bottom of the grip. New Nambu Model 60 revolvers were produced in two major variations, with 2- or 3-inch barrels.


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