9mm police

New Chinese police revolver. Note the manual safety lever located above the cylinder release latch.

New Chinese Police revolver. Note the manual safety lever located above the cylinder release latch.

Ammunition of a new revolver: left, with standard bullet, right - with black rubber "less lethal" bullet

Ammunition for the new revolver: left, the standard bullet, right – black rubber “less than lethal” bullet

Type Double Action revolver
Caliber(s)  9mm (see text)
Weight unloaded 650 g
Length 186 mm
Barrel length n/a
Magazine capacity 6 rounds


This new revolver appeared in 2006 as a future armament for various elements of the Chinese Police which were previously unarmed – such as traffic police, local municipal police etc. Since the proposed users are mostly unfamiliar with modern small arms, its a reasonable idea to issue the weapon which is the most simple to use – that is, the double action revolver. The ammunition for it, which is apparently based on an old and rather anemic .38 S&W (9x20R) round, retains enough muzzle energy to pose a threat to any unprotected low-grade criminal at short range. Even if this gun fell into the wrong hands, standard police body armor will be enough to stop the bullet. The muzzle velocity for the standard round is given as 220 m/s (720 fps). No bullet weights are given, but we can expect this round to be similar ballistically to .38 S&W, thus having muzzle energy of around 220 Joules (160 Ft-Lbs). Other than a standard round with a jacketed or JHP bullet,”less-than-lethal” rounds with rubber bullets are provided for crowd control.
It must be noted that no official designation for this gun is known so far.

Mechanically, this new revolver is a rather conventional design, with double-action trigger and swing-out cylinder. The firing pin is mounted in the frame, and a coil mainspring is located in the grip frame. The barrel is enclosed in a separate jacket, styled after American Dan Wesson revolvers. The most unusual thing about this revolver is an additional manual safety lever, which is located on the left hand side of the frame, above the cylinder latch. Apparently, this safety blocks the firing pin. The sights are of open type, with the rear sight blade being adjustable for windage.

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