40mm NORINCO LG5s sniper grenade launcher


40mm NORINCO LG5 grenade launcher on tripod, with electro-optical sight


shooting the 40mm NORINCO LG5s grenade launcher


shooting the 35mm QLU-11 grenade launcher


Caliber: 40 mm (40×53 HV) for LG5, 35mm (35x32SR) for QLU-11

Type: automatic grenade launcher

Length: 1225 mm

Weight: 12.9 kg on bipod, 23 kg on tripod

Rate of fire: ? rounds per minute

Maximum effective range: point targets 1000 meters, area targets 2200 meters (LG5) or 1750 meters (QLU-11)

Magazine capacity: 4 or 15 rounds (40mm); 3, 5 or 7 rounds (35mm)


Development of the LG5 “sniper” grenade launcher was inspired by US-made Barrett XM109 “payload” rifle that fired 25mm grenade ammunition originally developed for OCSW program. Designed in around 2011, this remarkable weapon is available in two versions. First, known as LG5, is an export-only variant sold through NORINCO Corporation and chambered for the NATO-standard 40mm high velocity grenades (40x53mm HV). Second version, known as QLU-11, is produced for domestic use by PLA, and is chambered for indigenous 35mm grenade ammunition (35x32SR).


The LG5, in turn, is offered in two sub-models. The LG5s is a one-man portable, lightweight version which can be fired from integral bipod against point targets at ranges of up to 1000 meters. The LG5 is basically the same weapon, but equipped with substantial tripod mount and magazines of extended capacity, to provide more effective area or long range fire.
With Chinese-made BGJ-5 40mm “sniper grade” HE-DP ammunition LG5s grenade launcher is claimed to have 3-round R100 accuracy of 1 meter at 600 meter range. Basically, it means that with proper aiming at 600m meters it can put three subsequent high explosive rounds into a typical house window or door. It also can fire numerous other types of 40mm HV ammunition, but with lesser accuracy.
Accuracy figures for 35mm QLU-11 grenade launcher are not available at this time.


The LG5 / QLU11 grenade launcher presumably uses long recoil semi-automatic action with additional recoil buffer in the tubular stock. Ammunition is fed from detachable drum magazines with capacities varying from 3 to 15 rounds; 15 round magazines are usually employed when gun is fired from tripod. Grenade launcher is equipped with integral folding bipod and can be mounted on a tripod or a vehicle mount. It is equipped with back-up iron sights and a Picatinny rail above the receiver. The rail can be used to host various day and night sights, including an electro-optical sight with built-in laser rangefinder and ballistic computer. For LG5 and LG5s grenade launchers this advanced unit is an optional accessory; for the 35mm QLU-11 grenade launcher such device appears to be the primary sighting equipment.