Arcus 40 MGL hand-held grenade launcher (Bulgaria)

Specification Value
Full text name Arcus 40 MGL hand-held grenade launcher (Bulgaria)
Action type manual
Trigger type dao: Double Action Only
Overall length, mm 660
Weight empty, kg 2.95
Magazine capacity, rounds 3

The Arcus 40 MGL hand-held grenade launcher is a less-known attempt of the Bulgarian small arms manufacturer Arcus to produce multi-shot, stand alone 40mm grenade launcher for VOG-25 family of 40mm low velocity grendades of Russian origin (also produced in Bulgaria since Soviet times). These grenades are unique because they should be loaded from the muzzle, rear end first, and so, until recently, only single shot and revolver designs were produced to fire those highly effective “cseless” rounds. Arcus 40 MGL was an attempt to produce a more compact, rapid firing weapon, which, apparently, did not found many buyers.

The Arcus 40 MGL hand-held grenade launcher uses tubular magazine in the butt that holds three VOG-25 rounds pointing rearwards (toward the buttplate). Its short barrel can rotate through 180 degrees around the vertical axis near its breech. To load a fresh round from magazine into the barrel, user has to pull vertical foregrip. This would rotate the barrel so its muzzle is pointing rearwards, and toward the magazine tube. Once barrel is in the loading position, spring catch in the magazine is released and a fresh grenade is pushed base first into the barrel. After that, using same forward grip, user returns loaded barrel to the forward-pointing (firing) poisition. Once barrel is locked in the firing position, user can pull the DAO trigger to fire the gun. After that, reloading sequence can be repeated until magazine tube is empty, as there’s no empty case left in the barrel after each shot.