Beretta ARX-200

Beretta ARX-200 automatic rifle


Beretta ARX-200 automatic rifle


Beretta ARX-200 automatic rifle with shoulder stock folded


Beretta ARX-200 DMR (Designated marksman rifle, semi-automatic)





7.62×51 NATO


Gas operated

Length, mm

730 / 890-1000

Barrel length, mm


Weight, kg


Rate of fire, rounds/minute


Magazine capacity, rounds



The Beretta ARX-200 automatic rifle was designed by famous Italian company Beretta on request from Italian army. This weapon is intended as a direct competitor to modern 7.62x51mm infantry / Special forces rifles such as FN SCAR-H, HK 417 or MKE MPT-76. The Beretta ARX-200 will complement 5.56mm ARX-160 assault rifles in service with Italian army, and will be offered for export. The 7.62x51mm Beretta ARX-200 rifle is externally similar to smaller 5.56mm ARX-160 rifle but is of different design. A dedicated DMR (Designated Marksman Rifle) version with longer barrel and semi-automatic only trigger will be offered as well.


The Beretta ARX-200 automatic rifle is a gas operated, selective fired infantry weapon. It uses short stroke gas piston with manual gas regulator. Rotary bolt locks into the breech of the barrel, permitting for polymer receiver with metallic reinforcement inserts. Fired cartridge cases are ejected to the right side. The barrel could be removed for replacement or maintenance, but this procedure involves disassembly of the gun and use of special tools. The ARX-200 rifle is equipped with side-folding, adjustable polymer stocks, integrated Picatinny rail at the top of the receiver, and modular KeyMod forend. Ammunition is fed from detachable 20-round magazines made from polymer.