VHS D2 assault rifle with integrated 1.5X telescope sight


VHS D2 assault rifle with40mm grenade launcher


VHS K2 compact assault rifle with basic iron sights and Picatinny rail on top






5.56×45 NATO


Gas operated

Length, mm



Barrel length, mm



Weight, kg

3,9 (4.3 with integrated optics)


Rate of fire, rounds/minute



Magazine capacity, rounds



VHS-2 is a new family of assault rifles, designed and produced in Croatia by HS Products company. This family includes two basic versions of the infantry rifle – “standard size” VHS D2 rifles and “compact” VHS K2 rifles. Each version can be produced with basic iron sights, or with built-in (integrated) 1.5X telescope sight. VHS-2 rifles were first introduced to public in 2013, and are based on 1st generation VHS rifles now in service with Croatian military. Despite external similarities, VHS-2 rifles include numerous modifications to warrant separate description. Two most important upgrades of the VHS-2 over its predecessor are completely ambidextrous handling (including ejection windows on both sides) and buttstock with adjustable length of pull. There are many other improvements as well.


Basic VHS-2 assault rifle is a gas operated, select-fire weapon with rotary bolt locking and manual gas regulator. It features dual ejection windows on both sides of receiver, so user can select which side is used to eject spent cartridges to (requires partial disassembly of the gun). All controls (safety / fire selector, charging handle, bolt hold-open device release lever, magazine catch) are ambidextrous as well. Polymer receiver is equipped with adjustable buttpad that allows change of length of pull within 5 cm (2”). Rifle is available either with integrated MIL-STD-1913 (Picatinny) rail above the receiver and back-up iron sight on removable bases, or with integrated 1.5X optical telescope sight. An indigenous 40mm grenade launcher can be mounted below the barrel. Rifles are compatible with most types of STANAG (M16-type) magazines. Magazine housing is provided with ambidextrous paddle-type magazine release located just behind the magazine.